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Monica Trevino

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Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, Mosaic Language Services Founder, Monica Trevino thought every city was like hers- colorful, vibrant, diverse. In college in another city, she realized what a blessing it was to grow up in that reality. She learned that not everyone knew how to make breakfast tacos or liked to say goodbye with a hug.  And not everyone spoke Spanish or English, or both.

She also learned that although everyone was so different, in many ways they were alike. She appreciated the differences and enjoyed building on the common points.

“Can you help? I have a Spanish speaking client and I don’t know what she is saying!” We have an employee who can’t read our HR manuals. Can you translate those for us?”

Monica had requests like these throughout her career. For over 25 years, she translated and interpreted at every job and in every industry in which she worked - banking, non-profit, social services, construction, financial management, mortgage lending, and more.

This regular occurrence inspired Monica to start Mosaic Language Services, a company that helps businesses grow, increase ROI, and focus on their strengths by helping employers, employees and clients overcome language barriers. 

Now, she and her team help people understand each other in any language, no matter where they work or what they do

  • All Your Language Solutions in One Place
  • Translation
  • Interpreting
  • Hispanic Workforce Recruitment and Retention
  • Projects Run Quickly, Professionally, and Accurately

We Provide

Healthcare and Insurance

We help you communicate effectively with clients and medical personnel in a HIPPA compliant way. Making sure you have the right insurance and you, your business, and employees are covered.

We Provide

Business Analysis & Branding

We can analyze your business and help you brand to the right the consumer. Improving your business process. Helping you to run your company at its highest efficiency.  

We Provide


From construction to landscaping. We assist with translations helping grow your business organically. Trades are the backbone of of country. We can help translate any format. So, you everything you need to be successful.

We Provide

Finance and Business

Keeping your books and finances in order is important for any business. We can also help startups get business licenses. From starting LLC’s or Corporations. We have all the tools you will need to get you on your feet.

We Provide

Real Estate

Helping home owners and buyers. Understand the market and translating contracts. 

We Provide

Business Law

It is important to understand what laws are in place. They affect how you run your day to day operations and how you file taxes. Laws vary from state to state and even county to county.